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  • Pick Category & Post Question

    Pick Category & Post Question

    Choose from a wide range of legal categories, choose your state within Australia and post your question via the online form.

  • Pay Fee by Credit Card

    Pay Fee by Credit Card

    Once you have submitted your question, simply pay the refundable booking fee of $5 for legal advice through your credit card and get answers within minutes.This fee is fully refundable if the service is not being provided to you for any reason.

  • Get an answer from a lawyer

    Get an answer from a lawyer

    Receive quick and affordable legal advice from professional Australian lawyers online – from wherever you are in the world.

  • Resolve your issue in minutes

    Resolve your issue in minutes

    Our on-call legal experts offer online legal advice so you can resolve your legal issue and get answers fast.

    You can arrange booking or have phone conversation with the lawyer for further consultation if needed.

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At Express Lawyer we believe everyone should have access to affordable and straightforward legal advice. As an online legal advice solution, we offer fast, prompt and reliable legal advice to customers seeking Australian legal advice immediately. Affordable and completely confidential, Express Lawyer aims to empower and protect our clients through our accessible online legal services.

How does Express lawyer work?

Check out the video below to see exactly how Express Lawyer can save you time and money on your legal issue.

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