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By Amir Neghabian Posted: 21 March 2018
The legal system in Australia is complicated, to say the least. It’s so complicated that even experienced lawyers will not represent themselves and will often ask the opinion of a lawyer specialised in the field where they are experiencing a problem.

According to a report published in 2014 by the Productivity Commission, half of the Australian population experience at least one legal problem per year. And most won’t obtain legal help, and will not come into contact with any legal institutions.

The report states that is due, in part, to the fact that the legal system in Australia is “too slow, expensive, and hard to understand.”

The problem is that in many cases, professional advice from a lawyer could save people money and aggravation. But not everyone can afford to hire the services of a lawyer, while others simply don’t have the time.

The result is that they ignore the problem until it grows into a massive issue that could result in fines, payment of another person’s legal fees, or even jail time.

Sometimes, all you need to avoid such a harrowing experience is the right advice at the right time. And this is where Express Lawyer comes in. Read on to discover how Express Lawyer can help you.

Get the Legal Advice You Absolutely Need

Due to various issues, whether it’s expense or lack of time, many people try to research their legal problems online and attempt to answer their own questions. Unfortunately, this approach often backfires.

First off, the Australian legal system is complicated as a whole. And when you consider that you have a wide range of specialties, things get even more complex. After all, lawyers specialise just like doctors in different fields. So, just as you wouldn’t try to conduct your own surgery after reading some advice online, trying to fix your own legal problems is just as inadvisable.

Secondly, there’s also the fact that each set of circumstances is unique. Your legal problem won’t be identical to another person’s because there are a wide range of variables to take into account.

Just like with a medical problem. You wouldn’t take the same medication someone else takes just because you have a similar health issue. You would consult a doctor because there are many other factors to take into account.

Thus, your particular set of circumstances will lead to different requirements in terms of legal advices, which is why it’s basically impossible to find the right solution to your problem from cookie-cutter articles and why applying the same advice someone else received is inadvisable.

With Express Lawyer, you can get legal advice tailored to your specific problem and set of circumstances. All our lawyers are highly experienced in their different fields, and are dedicated to ensuring you receive the legal advice you need.


Get Your Legal Questions Answered Quickly

Sometimes, speed is of the essence and professional guidance at the right time can save you money, time, and aggravation. Unfortunately, seeing a lawyer in person can be complicated for many people.

After all, we all lead pretty busy lives and lawyers tend to have the same office hours that the rest of the world does. In other words, to see a lawyer in person, you probably have to take time off work, which isn’t always a simple matter.

With Express Lawyer, though, all you have to do is ask your question and you will be put in contact with a professional and experienced lawyer quickly. Everything is done via our online platform, which means that you can get the answers you need regardless of where you are.

So, there’s no need for you to get time off of work, or to find someone to babysit the kids. You can ask your question and get the answers you need no matter where you are.

Get the Legal Advice You Need At a Fraction of the Cost of a Traditional Consultation

Let’s be honest. Lawyers are not cheap. Rates range from as low as $120 per hour for a junior to well over $300 for a senior lawyer, and that’s for simple advice. And getting your questions answered can often take a lot longer than an hour.

With Express Lawyer, you will have your questions answered by experienced lawyers – the equivalent of a senior lawyer in a firm – but at a fraction of the cost you can expect to pay for a consultation.

You’ll be paying a flat fee, rather than an hourly rate, so even if it takes a lawyer three hours to answer your question, you won’t pay a penny more.

Get Legal Advice from a Real Expert

Not all lawyers are created equal. Some are better than others. And some have more integrity than others. Unfortunately, because of the costs, many people are forced to go with the cheapest option, which isn’t always the best one.

In fact, going with the cheapest option can often backfire spectacularly, as you end up having to pay a fortune in fines and legal fees because of poor advice.

Then there are those firms where they relegate you to a junior lawyer who has very little experience, which can lead to just as big a disaster. Experience is vital when it comes to navigating the Australian legal system.

At Express Lawyer, our lawyers are vetted and have extensive experience in their chosen fields. You won’t be dealing with so-called generalists or juniors whose advice could do more harm than good.

The Express Lawyer team is dedicated to helping Australians obtain the legal advice they need, when they need it, at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal advice.

So, don’t wait. Sign up and post your question now.

You’ll save both time and money. You’ll also avoid the more unpleasant consequences that result from either ignoring your problem or trying to fix it yourself without the specialist guidance necessary to effectively navigate the complex Australian legal system.

At Express Lawyer, we specialise in sourcing the best lawyers from different fields of law from various states in Australia. That means that not only will your lawyer specialise in the appropriate field, but they will also be highly knowledgeable of local law, ensuring that your questions are answered effectively and comprehensively.

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