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These are a few of the more common questions we get asked by prospective clients considering using our services:

Yes. We are located in Australia. If you need a qualified legal expert to assist with a legal question, Express Lawyer can help.
Yes. We offer personal and business law advice in the following areas of family, property, business, consumer, accident and personal injury, employment, bankruptcy and immigration law.

Our payment process is simple. A minimum $45 cost applies for every question you ask. The cost includes an initial $5 payment (refundable if we do not provide the service) and a consultation fee which starts from $40 for a set number of words. This gives you enough time to have your question answered or ask follow-up questions using our live chat function. When you need more time or want to ask follow-up questions, an additional minimum charge of $15 applies. This is charged in increments depending on how much information you need or require a more in-depth consultation to answer your question. We require your approval before being charged an additional amount. Once you ask your question, a lawyer will respond quickly within business hours.
You can terminate the session at any time.

Yes. The Express Lawyer website and all chat sessions are secure, you can be assured you are discussing legal matters in a secure environment. Also, all legal professionals have signed a confidentiality clause to be eligible to answer questions on our website.
Once you ask a question, it goes into a queue for answering by one of our legal professionals. You will receive notification when a lawyer responds.
Yes. The answers to many legal questions can depend on the state you live in. You must select the relevant state in Australia a part of asking your question.
As an online service, we provide answers to legal questions without the need for long, drawn out appointments in a legal office. Our fully qualified Australian lawyers can answer your questions remotely to save you time and money.
Our vision at Express Lawyer is to offer quick, affordable legal advice. That is why we have developed a unique pricing model. What it costs depends on how much information you need and how long it takes to resolve your question. We require your approval before being charged any extra money.
Yes. We offer a no risk money back guarantee. So, no matter how much you pay, you have peace of mind you will receive accurate answers to your questions or we will refund your money. At Express Lawyer, our focus is on providing the best legal advice.
Yes. You can book a phone consultation through Express Lawyer for a one-time initial payment.
Yes. You can schedule a face-to-face meeting with your lawyer using Express lawyer. The lawyer you will charge you their normal hourly rate for the meeting.
Yes. You can reopen a closed consultation the day after if you require further information about the same question