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Have you ever had a question that required a great legal mind to answer? Has affordability and the problem of finding the best legal person stopped you from seeking that answer? Now there is an affordable solution without needing to visit a lawyer’s office or paying exorbitant fees.

Express Lawyer is an online legal service provider that delivers consultation services from the best Australian lawyers. We take immense pride in serving clients across Australia and anywhere in the world with answers to your legal questions.

Our objective is to help solve legal issues through quick, convenient and thoughtful advice. Express Lawyer provides affordable legal advice in a secure environment. Now you can resolve your legal issue and carry on with your life. Accessing our lawyers for help is easy and completely confidential giving you peace of mind.

The lawyers with Express Lawyer can advise you about family, corporate, consumer accident and personal injury, employment, bankruptcy and immigration law.

Do you want to learn how Express Lawyer works? Follow these simple steps now! It is as easy as counting one, two, three, four.

Our Process

  • Pick Category & Post Question

    Pick Category & Post Question

    Choose from a wide range of legal categories, choose your state in Australia and post your question using the online form.

  • Pay Fee through Credit Card

    Pay Fee using your Credit Card

    After submitting your question, pay the refundable booking fee of $5 with your credit card and get answers within minutes. This fee is refunded if the service is not provided to you for any reason.

  • Get an answer from a lawyer

    Get an answer from a lawyer

    Receive quick and affordable legal advice from professional Australian lawyers online – from wherever you are in the world.

  • Resolve your issue in minutes

    Resolve your issue in minutes

    Express Lawyer’s on-call legal experts offer online legal advice so you can resolve any legal issue with fast answers. There are no delays.

    You can also use the platform to arrange a face-to-face booking or phone conversation with your legal advisor if you need further consultation.

Express Lawyer Fees

You will be charged a $45 minimum fee for every question you post. The fee includes a booking fee of $5 (refundable if the service is not provided to you for any reason) and a consultation fee which starts from $40 as a minimum for a set number of words. This gives you enough time to have your question answered using our live chat function. Additional charges may apply if the consultation takes longer. You do not have to worry about additional charges. We require your approval in advance before being charged.

Express Lawyer provides a wide range of services covering family, business, accident and personal injury, bankruptcy, property, consumer, employment and immigration law.

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